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Sara Seykora

December 19, 2017

The service I have always received at Knowles is top notch. They are so kind, welcoming and friendly. I love that there are options for many price points and the staff is always generous with showing items that fit my budget. The store also looks amazingly all times. I feel it gives the princess living inside many women the chance to dream of jewels and sparkles. Beautiful!

Taylor Strand

January 3, 2018

Great service. They try really hard to get you what you want in your price range. I never felt they were trying to push me to spend more money.

Ross Kovach

February 9, 2018

I just can't explain how great the service is and the wonderful hospitality you get when your shopping at Knowles Jewelry in Minot!

Sam Wiese

September 20, 2017

The best ring cleaning I've ever experienced!! And when I first took it in they warned me about losing my diamond due to the fact i had several missing prongs and the few I had left were barely holding on. John rebuilt my prongs(because my prong size was no longer available and I didn't want to change my diamond height or the look of my wedding ring) and it looks almost better than brand new!!! So happy wth it! No other place has cleaned it so well or noticed my almost $900 fix if I had lost it!! Thank you Knowles you are my new jewellers!!!!

Britton Kimble

February 14, 2018

Always willing to work with you. Beautiful workmanship.